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Exclamation Scamray

I'll have much more to report once I take a good week to create my very honest and very critical Harmony Central review.

Its my new mission to destroy Shamrays reputation via the INTERNET for what they have done.

None should ever have to endure this treachery as I have.

I have been beyond naive in my pursuit for a custom 3ST with my preferred specs.

This endeavor was far from worth it.

I've learned a lesson I will never forget..







Its even easier to see these unacceptable defects in person..

You guys need to read their last email to me.


They have screwed me over like no other.. [V]

Shamray truly is a Sham & a fraud.

Its a very sad situation indeed.

I feel like starting the second cold war to be honest. I'm losing my mind over here cause of this Extreme BS.

Never trust Commies under any circumstances.

My experience working with Shamray's customer service representative "Michael" started out smooth and ended up disturbing to the 10th degree.

After receiving my guitar and finding countless defects I sent "Michael a few emails explaining the unacceptable of these defects at great length all while keeping a cool demeanour for the most part. I made it very obvious that I was very frustrated with the so called finished product. I made a very firm yet civil argument in my last email to "Michael" about what I wished to be done to rectify the situation of my poorly crafted dream Guitar.

The following Reply "Michael" sent in him response to my concerns and question was any thing but sensible, mature, respectful or professional. All I received was endless unacceptable (and for the most part non-sensible) excuses for the shop's mistakes and negligence involving my guitar's extremely poor build and paint quality. "Michael" dug deep with personal insults, remarks and opinions that can not be interpreted in any other way than as classic defensive character assassination to avoid any future retribution or reconciliation concerning my sad excuse for a 3000$ hand crafted Custom Shop guitar. He followed up in the email by threatening to some how get my source of income here in Canada revoked in a sad attempt to intimidate me into giving up on the issue. At the very end of the last email "Michael" will ever be sending me he also proceeded to inform me that he had banned my user account from the Shamray forum. His motives for doing this is very obvious. Banning a customer from the forum to quell any kinds of complaints to prevent this kind of second rate workmanship from being known to other customers and an emailed statement to the customer (aka me) that any further contact will be ignored is by no means professional and is in extremely poor personal character. I just can't believe this has happened, I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd be at the other end of a fraud of this nature involving Shamray. Its far beyond disappointing, its disturbing on all all levels.

I have great suspicion that the shop manager and (or) "Michael" delayed sending me my guitar as to ensure that any disputes of quality, or possible refunds would not have the possibility to be acted upon. I have been banned from their forum with no good reason. My IP address has been blocked so that I cannot post on the company forum about my claims and complaints. "Michael" has clearly stated in his last email reply that any further contact with him thru email or any other form of communication will be ignored completely. I can only assume they have voided my so called "Shamray lifetime warrantee contract" for with out any valid probable cause.

I will most definitely take legal action if I can though I fear that is not possible unfortunately, seeing as Russia may be outside International Law..

Let my review be a much needed omen to any one reading this who has even considered doing any kind of bussiniess with this company in any way.
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