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So, I really want a new electric drumset (I have one, but it is shit).

I kind of need one that has a more realistic "feel."

I really was drooling all over the $7000 Roland Set , but... screw that. $234 bucks a month is all it would take.... *greedy thoughts* 'too hundreed bux a munt? HAH! get it! its a roland, U needz it!!' *end thoughts*

So the next best thing that would have good sound, right amount of lag, and basically yeah realistic sound/feel wise and durable. I hate the shitty ones that break easily.

Obviously, I'm not made of money, but there are a lot of Christmas sales. Have any of you played/owned/hauled the ones they sell for around a grand a piece? They sorta look alright.

Simons for $1000

Yamaha $1300

Roland $1400

The one I have now I have broken several pieces, most simply by tightening the joints! It's a 5-piece "*ION" or whatever.
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