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I should post some updated pics of mine though the RR needs new strings and the action lowered probably a truss rod tweak is in order...

I havent ever read that much bad stuff about Ran, one of the silliest complaints was guy posting on Harmony central saying the action was too high or too low... both of my Ran's came with a pretty low action..

I will get another I've started a savings account so when i've fully decided what bridge(hardtail floyd, or wilky) neck joint(bolt or neck through) 22 or 24 frets, and whether to go for normal black or cosmo/black nickle i'll order it...

I still would like to order one for my old guitar teacher, but with a thicker neck...

I think another reason people arent posting here so much is the gallery is updated fairly regularly so people dont need to post their new axes because they've probably allready been seen...
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