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Bump from the grave. I finally built my own amp, that very amp was the one i started this thread about.

here it is without a headshell, or faceplate art. I have it in the headshell right now, just dont have pictures. I'll be painting the faceplate eventually

Its like a Sunn Model T, 2xkt88's, feedback loop defeat switch, and the wrong output transformer hahahha. Still working on the math to figure out what transformer primary impedance i need for a pair of 6550's running at about 480v on the plates, in ultralinear configuration.

I run it with my B.C. Rich Mockingbird Special (white) with a bareknuckle warpig in the bridge position, into my BlueBeard Fuzz, into the high input.

Bright channel volume around 2, normal around 3, bass at 0, middle at 5, treble 3, presence 1, masters wherever.
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