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Originally Posted by Wolfsherz
I do. The technique described by 7stringwarlord above worked real good for me, but I switched over to using all 4 fingers (well, five).
Anyway, the above technique was kind of more "autopilot" for me, felt really natural, and definately the style you should try to master.

Also, to get Webster's sound, if you've just started, you'll have quite a hard time but, this works especially well with the above technique:

That clanky sound? You get it by playing quite close to your fretboard, and instead of "caressing" the strings with your fingers, you hit them down. Seriously, thrust your fingers downward so the string bounces of of the fretboard. Gets you a loooot of treble.
Alternately you could just buy a Warwick.

I would kill for a Warwick.

Well I'll try the PMRM but for some reason I think it gets more technical than that especially when switching from string to string, I guess it's a "Figure it out as you go" thing. Thanks.

Sometimes, because I read this somewhere, not sure from where, not even sure on validity of the source, but I read the correct order was Ring, middle, pointer, and possibly repeat...

...which confused the the shit out of me trying to play this.
1-2-3- =Fret
R-M-P = fingers
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