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Okay, time to nitpick about a list that was posted two and half years ago and written like 9 years ago.

The only complaint I really feel the need to lodge is the disturbing lack of Deep Purple and Judas Priest. Both had a HUGE influence on the following metal scene, and I'm not talking "Smoke on the Water" or "Breaking the Law". Let's look more at "Speed King", "Highway Star", "Fireball", "Burn", for Deep Purple... early examples of tremolo riffing, fast playing, and double bass. How does that shit get left off? For Judas Priest one can look to "The Ripper", "Dissident Aggressor", "Exciter", and "Hellbent for Leather" and immediately recognize the massive influence they had on the entire metal genre, especially the speed/thrash scene.

I'm just saying, when you're throwing up shit like Burzum and Godflesh in the top 25, you have plenty of room for Deep Purple and Judas Priest. That is all.
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