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Originally Posted by Paddy
I noticed that one of the bands on the site has a split status icon - half green, half yellow. Is this intentional?

Is it a case of having permission from the band but not the label, or vice versa?

It's in the FAQ, this happens when for one album we have a permission from a label, and the other album was with another label and we don't have permission for it (yet).

Originally Posted by Paddy
If a band member is in contact with fans, quite happily discussing fan-made tabs and offering tips and comments, could we take that as implicit permission to offer their tabs here? I've been in contact with Anathema myself and discussed my tabs with them (and the forum they frequent has tabs posted on it from other users, apparently without any issues), and I can dig up conversations between another tabber I know and the lead guitarist from Cradle of Filth in which they discuss tunings for certain tabs. I'm sure other users here could offer similar information. Is it worth while posting said information if it doesn't amount to a direct "I hereby approve of fan-made tabs"?

Well, discussing tabs with fans is not the same as allowing to publish them on the website. If you made contact with a band, just ask them to send us a short email telling that they don't mind if we put up their tabs.

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