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I thought my name would be most fitting b/c of the irony that I hate dogs and am a total cat lover. Mainly b/c I'm extremely allergic to dogs. Plus, the name HeadlessChicken was already taken. So, I figured a beheaded kitten would be less of a feminine handle.

Hey has anyone seen In Flames live? They fuckin' kick some major ass!!! I've seen 'em twice this year, along with Shadows Fall. It was pretty damn cool, cuz me and my buddies were the only people in the bar who had actually heard of In Flames, so we moshed the hell out!!! I guess they must've liked playing there, cuz they got booked there again a month later.

Oh yeah has anyone heard of Origin? They're a Relapse band from here in Topeka. They also played at the Milwaukee MetalFest, and man they can drink some beer. Check 'em out if ya haven't already.

And no, my crack smoking days have been limited since the day of my beheading.
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