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Children of Bodom-bed of razors,sixpounder,touch like angel of death, angels dont kiil
Iron Maiden-the trooper,rainmaker,wasted years
Metallica-Hit the lights,the four horsemen,jump in the fire,whiplash,seek&destroy,fight fire with fire,fade to black, for whom the bell tolls,creeping death,battery,master,sanitarium,leper messiah,damage inc,BLACKENED,...and justice for all
Pantera-walk,drag the waters,5 mins alone,cemetery gates,cowboy from hell
Arch Enemy-Nemesis,Dead Eyes See No Future
Kalmah-Dead Mans Shadow,Holy Symphony of War,Outrmemer
Megadeth-Sweating Bullets,Symphony of Destruction,Peace Sells,In my darkest hour, tornado of souls
tht should suffice
arial those that would hurt my brothers will find i will
bring forth such terrible vengeance that generations yet unborn will cry out in anguish ill bring an umbra and you will live in shadows for the rest of your physical life and in death...ill kick your ass
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