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Originally Posted by Bia
This is great seeing all your gear. Thanks for sharing.

Me and Fender (yea...I had to throw myself in this one....ego and all)
My baby! Epiphone
First Axe, got at pawn shop at 15yrs old. Ibanez EX
Amp & Pedal
Thanks for letting me share.

I guess I missed out, because a lot of people's links have died. Well, anyways, I'll post my setup on or after the 18th of this month when I go pick up my FIRST HALF-STACK! It cost me $300, plus $25 Colotaxo Sales tax. But shit, for 325 I got a Line 6 Spider III! A marshall would have been nice, but for that price I'll take just about any half-stack.

And for those who don't know, I already paid for it but can't pick it up until it has sat in the store for 30 days, because it is USED and that is Guitar Center's/State Law's policy on used electronic gear.
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