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a flying v also like kerry kings
floyd rose
the emg set (81 and 85) with 1 duncan single in the middle
D'addario 11's
a dark burgundy type red mahogony body with black outlining around it
3 dark grey volume knobs
both a toggle switch and a 5 way megaswitch (is that even possible? if so its going on mine, haha)
black mahogony kneck with 24 jumbo frets
dragon inlays like the prs guitar
the headstock would be like:
(without the ltd of course)

yeah, very in detail, but hey, i wouldn't wanna go to a dealer and be like "oh, well, you decide". It would be me playing of course, not them. I'd prolly get esp to make it, they rock.

.hiding, the meaning of.
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