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This has probably already been discussed down in the gurgling, dank, wretched depths of the mods' inner sanctum, but I've noticed that the forum is using version 3.0.3 of vBulletin software. The current version is 3.8.3, and an upgrade to this version may well put a major dent in the relentless onslaught of spam we've been seeing lately. The new version supports TypePad Anti-Spam, and the updated code of the forum itself will no doubt render it more secure in general. Upgrade instructions can be found here if an upgrade is worth considering.

I've seen mention of Akismet for vBulletin which is an anti-spam service with free and commercial options which works by catching posts before they make it onto the forum and scanning them, either letting them be posted or be filed for moderation depending on the results. The free service is probably sufficient.

I've been reporting spam threads like an autistic chimp with a massive itchy clicking finger, but reporting 200-300 posts in one sitting is a bit much, even for me and the incredibly narrow, limited scope of my aimless life. Besides, I can't imagine that reporting this sheer volume of threads is actually helpful! Is it possible to delete all threads/posts created by any given user in one fell swoop? If so, would it make more sense to just report one spam thread and let the mod dealing with it remove the rest from that user via this function? If it's not possible, is reporting hundreds of threads at once counter-productive or is it possible to have this function made available via some sort of add-on?

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