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how to read sheet music

Originally Posted by guitar_demon
sheet music, is written on a staff alot like our tabs but it has 5 lines and 4 spaces. each of the lines and spaces are specific spots for certain notes. befor each staff you will see a clef the two more common ones are treble clef and bass clef
you can write on either one seperatly or you can combine them into a grand staff

both the of clefs have the notes in different spots
lets start with treble, the notes are as follows

some good yet "corny" ways to remember these are
for the notes on the lines
Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge, or Evacuate Garage Before Dad Farts

and the space notes as the word "F.A.C.E."

the bass clef has the notes like this


to remember these think...
for the notes on the spaces Good Boys Deserve Fudge Always

and for the spaces think of "ace-g" or All Cows Eat Grass

the notes always go higher in pitch and higher up the musical alphabet as they are written higher on the staff, and vice versa for lower

usually there are guitar tabs on sheet music too
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