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Female emancipation is a bad thing! You are bad persons!
Now do you see why I tie down girls with their own t-shirt should they try to whoop me, even if they were at the time only using a pillow? There's evil in there I tell you, EEEAAAAVVEEEIIAEEEAA(wherethefuckdidthesentencegoohyes)IL.

The first verse I'm having a bit of trouble with rythm-wise; the first two lines are a good opening, but I stumble a bit when I try to read them. Maybe it's just me, but perhaps a bit of rearranging might be in order. In the third line you could drop a "that" to get an easier flow.

This is one I want to hear music to, it deserves it. The mocking tone, along with the repetition of the line "Only one way now" and how that leads up to the last verse is just right. It's a bit like a really good horror movie - not really that much splatter in the screen, but a fair amount of getting psyched out.
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