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Speaking of anal subjects. There's this woman I know who's attempting to make a semi-perpetual fountain from a couple buckets and old flexible plastic tubing from an aquarium syphon. Top bucket is smaller than bottom one. I know this has been done before last year, but I don't remember which end of the waterfilled tubing I have to release to start the syphon going from bottom to top or if I need to start them in reverse and then place what would be the upper tub on the stack. My hands are freezing from being in the cold water so long. It's even hard to type. Another thing I'm wondering is if I need to keep the large end of the syphon on to add more water pressure to get it to flow harder to make it last longer. I'm curious as to how long it would work once I get it together properly.
help? And don't tell me I can't do it because I'm a woman on a mission and I'm too cheap to buy a pump when I know this will work. I had 3 stacked buckets last year I did this with.

Thank you.
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