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Originally Posted by blitz906
Haha I agree 100%. I don't mind if people watch sports and support whatever team or club they like, because what other people do doesn't really affect my life, but I personally do not see the point. Winning or losing a game/race/competition doesn't really make a difference to life in any way. It's absurd when people go mad when their team or club loses too. I've been in pubs when there is a hockey game on the TV, and seen people throw a fucking wobbler when the other team scores a goal or their team loses, and I think to myself "Jesus Christ, that guy needs to get a real goddamn hobby"
I think it just satisfies our animalistic need to better each other, but should that really be encouraged? haha

Originally Posted by blitz906
My girlfriend's parents have a Dachshund, and that thing will eat his own shit, cat shit, and cat hairballs haha. Fucking weird.
I've heard people say that a human bite is more unhygienic than a dog's. I think we need to rethink that lil' theory.

Originally Posted by blitz906
Ah shit, I'm sorry to hear that man Did they all die around the same time?
Nah, I was being facetious The rabbit died when I was a kid (and I remember crying more over that than I did when my great grandmother died kids are assholes) and the dog died just when I was coming to the end of high school. The goldfish died somewhere in between, I can't really remember...fuck 'em!

Originally Posted by blitz906
You wouldn't need that shirt Paddy... you probably walk around like that all the time
Haha well, I do I like to put a pretty little dress on it and then hide in the Barbie Doll shelf at Toys 'R' Us...

This has inspired an awesome idea in my sweet brain - MetalTabs custom novelty T-shirts!!

Here's a link to a blank T-shirt you can use:

Have at it!
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