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Originally Posted by blitz906

Besides, isn't it kind of pointless telling other people your tone settings? Certain tone settings can sound different in so many different situations and under different circumstances. Someone with a tube amp will get a much different sound than someone with a solid-state amp. Someone with flatwound or half-wound strings will get a different sound than someone using roundwound strings. Speaker size and cabinet type also make a huge difference. Not to mention room dynamics... an amp will sound MUCH different in a garage than it will in a carpeted/drywalled room. And one of the ultimate factors in tone shaping; picks vs fingers, which yield two completely different sounds. Also, sometimes tone is all in how you play. For example, if you somehow had access to the gear that Jaco Pastorius used to own, and plugged his bass into his amp, and used the exact same tone settings JUST as he had left them when he last touched it 22 years ago, you still probably wouldn't get the same sound that he did, because alot of it is how these people play... how hard or soft they pluck the strings, if they grow their fingernails out a little bit, or cut them right down etc, there are so many different factors.

Right on, you summed up a lot of bassists thoughts in one little block of text.

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