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Yeah let's make sure all metal is defined by how saturated your tone is. Seems like a brilliant way to have music progress.

Originally Posted by estringrev
I have no issues with fair criticism of a band, but you come off as if you think you have set the standard for what Death Metal is defined as; And even if there is some widely agreed upon definition that might be valid in some eyes, there's something called evolution that happens within all genres of music.

Spawn of Possession have all the conditions in your rebuttal met, and they manage to not sound anything like the listed bands.

Pretty sure me and you have nothing else to discuss because I don't agree with your definition of 'heavy' or 'brutal', and I just out right think you're borderline tone-deaf for even suggestion that SoP's tone is 'wimpy'.

Not sure if this still applies since how incredibly dated it is; But I'm really not interested in debating genres any further, with anyone.

I'd prefer hearing how 'overdone' their riffs are, or some shit directly related to their compositions, not; 'Hey this isn't death metal, it's cherry flavored bubble gum punk metal'.
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