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Originally Posted by Tzimisce
But SoP doesn't even use heavy distortion. They have a wimpy, low-gain guitar tone that would be better suited for POWER METAL.

It seems you are somewhat of an elitist my friend; would that not be correct?

What you define Death Metal and 'Brutality' as, requires a guitar tone bathed in heavy distortion it seems. This a very vague way to define music, and it's really foolish.

First of all, using the word 'wimpy' to describe a valid sub-genre of Heavy Metal? Are you just trying to put a show of ignorance on display? Listen, I'm not an incredibly huge fan of Power Metal, but I sure as hell won't denigrate it on such thinly veiled logic. Power Metal may not have the 'Aggression' or 'Brutality' of Death Metal, but there are certainly some very skilled musicians and composers within their genre. Just because they go for a more contemporary way of musical expression does not invalidate their efforts. Describing Power Metal as 'wimpy' is a foolish show of arrogance.


Whether Spawn of Possession's chosen guitar tone is comparable to Power Metal is a moot point, since no one should be focused on what genre their tone sounds like, as much as they should focus on whether or not it fits the compositions they've written, and whether or not it sounds good to their ears. They'd be fools to start 'copy and pasting' tones like a lot of bands do.

Also, did it ever occur to you that maybe the tone they chose was because it suits the incredibly precise style they've chosen to play? Maybe their guitar tone isn't saturated in distortion because they want as many notes as possible to be audible. Should they sacrifice audibility for 'Brutality'? More over, should any band choosing to play obviously technical music choose to sacrifice an audible tone on the vague definition of 'brutality'.

I have no issues with fair criticism of a band, but you come off as if you think you have set the standard for what Death Metal is defined as; And even if there is some widely agreed upon definition that might be valid in some eyes, there's something called evolution that happens within all genres of music.

'Wimpy' is quite literally the most intellectually bankrupt way I've seen a Guitar Tone Described as. Not even including the fact that disparaging a band on a chosen tone that has an obvious purpose is not the best way to go about criticizing them if you want to look credible.

If you don't like SoP, fine, but please do everyone a favor and stay away from vague terminology when trying to criticize them, or any music for that matter.
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