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Originally Posted by Tzimisce
I'm saying exactly the opposite. Bands that aren't brutal should drop the pretense of being death metal altogether, because death metal is, BY DEFINITION, 'brutal'.

I'm going to have to strongly disagree here. First of all, that's like saying that your music can't qualify as 'blues' unless it sounds depressing. Second of all, making the prerequisite for fitting into a genre based on such a vague staple term like 'Brutal' seems to be overly restrictive.

Generally, I'd like to think that Death Metal isn't exclusive to 'Cannibal Corpse', and other bands of that ilk. I'd imagine using heavily distorted guitars, fast drum paces, growled vocals, and somewhat speedy overall tempos would be enough to qualify you; But I think even using those as prerequisites would be a bit too much.

Personally, I think it's enough to produce music, and leave it's genre open to interpretation by the bands that compose the music, and the majority of their fan base.

An addendum for you:
Alot of 'Rap' literally promotes 'Brutality'; Perhaps Rap is Death Metal's long lost twin brother?
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