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What do you mean by 'nonsense' in specific? It doesn't really feel like they're trying hard to be technical to me; that just seems like what they do. Their first album was arguably far more atmospheric in nature, whereas the second one is focused more on complex structuring.

I wouldn't argue that Noctambulant can come off as 'overly technical', but I will argue that it turned out great for what it is, and that Cabinet wasn't exactly a cakewalk.

Generally, either album can come off as extraneous.

Originally Posted by guitar_demon
i would completly agree with darko, i love cabinet, perfect combo of tech and brutality without it feeling like 'lets see how many notes i can jam in this riff and how many riffs i can cram in this song' Noc. doesnt seem to have that natual flow to it

I honestly like that they switched their focus from 'brutality'. It honestly sounds like they're trying to be 'brutal' on the first album.
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