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Originally Posted by BDM336
hey guys just a quick question i was hoping someone can answer. after warming up and playing a bit i can blast up to around 250 bpm. but after i stop playing for like 15-20 minutes my speed is back to what it was when i first started warming up, you no like kinda straining to play at faster speeds or like you just woke up and thats the first time you played that day. is it because i havent fully mastered playing at 250bpm to just be able to play it no problem all time, or do you always have to keep playing to stay warmed up and keep your blasts at top speed. i notice this when i practice with my band, i'l warm up at home and be blasting fine but when i go over my vocalists house (who also plays drums) and havent played for 2o-30 minutes my blasting goes to shit. any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys!

probably just need to work on your endurance more, just keep playing
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