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Spawn of Possession still active

Not sure if anyone gives a fuck,

But it seems Spawn of Possession are still alive and kicking; and thank lord they are.

I found 'Cabinet' to have more of a classic death metal feel, and Noctambulant to be one of the more mature Technical Death Metal works around. Both albums are great, but I believe the latter release is really what set them apart from other bands.

On Noctambulant, they managed to incorporate classical and jazz elements without coming off as pretentious pricks, and undoubtedly remain true to their Technical Death Metal roots at the same time. I think it showed they are able to evolve without completely losing what makes them unique, or special - If you see them in that light anyway.

Here's the teaser:

I'm gonna try and remain neutral until they release a full length song, but I can already tell that they aren't deviating from their previous eras.

A lot of Technical Death Metal bands have similar downfalls in that it definitely isn't easily listening music; and can sometimes throw way too much at you at a time, which I think makes the songs harder to process. Spawn of Possession aren't an exception to this, but if you are one to go through albums a second, or even a third time, I think you'll find that they have a lot to offer. In my opinion, if you're even a fan of metal with somewhat complex structures, then you're already familiar with this.

Going to recommend this piece to those who aren't familiar with their works:
Spawn of Possession - Lash by Lash

by no means is that their best piece, but I think it's a fair representation of what they have to offer.

Any fans looking forward to a new release? Or if you're a fan of this genre, but not this band; do you have any reasons/feelings as to why you believe they aren't all that good?

Huge Update Jesus:

NEWS UPDATE - 24/06/09


Two very talented and competent musicians has recently joined Spawn of Possession.
Matthew Chalk (Ex-Psycroptic) is going to handle the vocal and lyric writing.
Christian Muenzner (Obscura, Ex-Necrophagist) is going to do the Lead Guitar part and unleash his madness
into the multicoloured and distorted universe of Spawn of Possession. The Line-up is now complete.

Vocals - Matthew Chalk
Bass - Erlend Caspersen
Drums - Richard Schill
Guitar - Christian Muenzner
Guitar - Jonas Bryssling


I'm expecting whatever they release to be just plain fucking nuts after seeing this.
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