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Stoner/Doom Tabs

Hey all, new to the forum.

I only have a few months playing guitar under my belt... I play just for kicks. Some Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Karma to Burn...

Anyways, I was hoping someone out there would read this post and have some other stoner/doom tabs kicking around.

I would really like some:

Church of Misery
MORE Pelican (I saw Drought and GW on here)
Eternal Elysium
Sleep (Dopesmoker!)
Sons of Otis
Warhorse (the doom band)
5ive (not the boy band)

Most of you probably don't recognize all of these bands... my fault for having obscure tastes. Still... anyone? :P

Here's me playing Karma to Burn (I'm not very good haha):
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