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Update, Fucker is now known as "Mortal Will Be Undone."

And I have a new song. This one's called Neurosis. If Death and Heaven Shall Burn had a love child, this would be it, I think.

Also, if anyone's interested, since I've got my RSE working, I've been making faux-recordings (GP5 file to WAV to MP3) for all my songs. Better sound than before, I think. Once me and my friend finish the actual recording of Jedicide's first demo, we'll start working on Deth Toll.
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Keep checking for new crap.

Originally Posted by Amadeus
It's really sad, all those people who don't understand why we shouldn't act like our enemies. The real victory is not only killing and imprisoning the terrorists, but also letting civilized manners override the lust for revenge, once the battle is over.
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