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Originally Posted by Requiem
That's one of the last things I'd want to hear from my grandma.
You've obviously never heard the term "gum job" Even better is the gum job from your grandma, which is invariably followed by 1 for sweeties!

Originally Posted by blitz906
Shh... I'm trying to get him into my bed before Paddy makes his move on him
Yeah, by the time I'm done with him he won't be fit for public consumption. Unless, of course, you wanna see week-old spunk oozing out of every orifice when you press down on his belly.

Originally Posted by bunny
i had to cut my hair this morning

lost about 2 inches, i had went to bed with the go-go (hair tie) still in my hair which is something i *never* do, when i woke up & tried to remove go-go hair got stuck & tangled had to cut it & my hair, but at least it got rid of the split ends,

so kinda good i think
Bunny, I'm speaking to you as a friend here when I say that you really gotta get something done about that unkempt garden-maze-of-a-thatch you've got growing down there. "Split ends" and "go-gos" shouldn't even be a concern when you're dealing with muffage. IT'S TOO BUSHY! Does your boyfriend have to wade through it with a machette like in those jungle movies? With a little native guide chap who leads him to the legendary Cave of Infinite Yummy Yumtimes each night?

Consider this an intervention.

WE LOVE YOU BUNNY, please keep that in mind when we send you to Mrs. Thatcher's Thatch Rehab.

I used to have longish hair. When it was wet it was down to my jawline, otherwise it was just a scrunched up ball of wavy, greasy wire which made me look like I'd just wiped myself down after a particularly violent bukkake session at a fat camp for fat spunk-filled fatties. I shaved it off in the end. Handy for future bukkake encounters, 'cause I'm now essentially a "dry-wipe cum receptor". With the exception of hobos, having long hair is a constant chore of maintenance and combing, and for what? So that I can look like a girl while my dad bums me?
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