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Absence Of Nothing

Its been a while... Good to be here again...

Swallowed alteration delays in absence
Sinking into the complexion of departure
The ponds darkness whispering change
Yet the deity’s wrath continues to condense

He floats gravely still above the water
Holding tight onto the grip of our hearts
Dense thought, delusional fog
Am I awake in a dream of oblivion?

Conjured from the insanity of your entities
I guard unstably in front of my own
Whispering slowly into infinity
I cower under darkness to stay in the light

Slipping into the opacity of the unknown
Listening to the music of each esoteric motion
I fall asunder from the grasp of mankind
Desolated, I disintegrate into the air of life

Spirits gather at my arrival
Into the forest I sing, one with my soul
I am so alive in this indefinite reality
But alone I walk surrendered to verity…

-No Heart
I Am One With The Darkness Of The Universe, Gathering Light From The Galaxies To Be Reborn.
-No Heart
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