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Digitech GSP1101.

Hey everyone, it's been a while.

Has anyone tried the digitech GSP1101 pre/fx processor? I keep hearing these things top the high end line 6 modelers like the X3 pro tone-wise(x3 has more features though, but hell I don't need mic pre's ), and that it even sounds good in a band situation(ie: has good mids and a flexible EQ) unlike most digital modelers.

I'm selling my loud tube head + cab to get something more suitable for home/easy adaptation in case I get involved in a band(pre+poweramp+1x12 cab). I've been checking out a lot of samples/clips/reviews and I'm very impressed, to the point where I'm considering getting one and using it as my main source of sound + effects through a poweramp, PA, and PC for direct recording. They're a bit more expensive new than the older 2101/2112/2120 rack processors but I've been told that their tone distortion wise is far better.

Anyone here own one?

Some clips:
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