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You know man... I'll give you my totally honest opinion. No prejudice because you're being a dick chug. I wanted to go to your page & listen & say something positive but man... I think your shit fucking sucks. That's totally honest man. You say my shit is boring? LOL! Your shit is fucking bland & tasteless. Shitty recording. Amateur writing & execution. Nothing special at all. I could learn your whole set in 2 days. Just because I play in Cesspool doesn't mean I can't play. Cesspool was meant to be phrased simple. I'll bet you a hundred USD that you couldn't learn our set PERIOD! If you're serious about meeting up & getting your ass kicked feel free! I'd love to bash your head in just for fun! hahaha! Let me know when you'll be in town & I'll make it my number one priority to go to that show & boot smash your face. If your band doesn't like that I'll boot smash them too! . Later.

P.S. Check out the link to the picture I made especially for you!

Originally Posted by Wolfsherz
Haha guys guys guys look he sent me a PM.

If you're serious, tour Europe and I'll attend. But it's probable that my band would tour Canada before that would happen, so I'd be glad to meet you there.

As soon as extra info is available you'll receive it in a PM.

PS: I don't like your music.

Oh and haha, those last 2 sentences. Being in a band isn't all that hard, but anyway, I'll PM you my band.
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