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Haha guys guys guys look he sent me a PM.

Yo man, you can end the shit talking now. Like I said... if you don't like my band oh well! If you don't like that feel free to come to any of our shows or Fests that we'll be attending & I'll commence to beating you within an inch of your life! You know my name & where I live! Derek Haymore from Gastonia, NC! Come on down & see if I'm joking!

If you're serious, tour Europe and I'll attend. But it's probable that my band would tour Canada before that would happen, so I'd be glad to meet you there.

As soon as extra info is available you'll receive it in a PM.

PS: I don't like your music.

Oh and haha, those last 2 sentences. Being in a band isn't all that hard, but anyway, I'll PM you my band.
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Tetianblood? ... Well, 'Necrosemen' to you too. Twat.
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