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If you're out of ideas, record the part you're soloing over and listen to it over and over, and try do a "improvisation in your head". You can improvise on guitar to, but then you're limited to the scales you know and how you usually do phrasing etc...

You can combine those ideas with scale-runs you've come up with, licks you've made, ideas for unusual scalechoices, rythmic ideas, anything...

About scales: If you have a powerchord chord-progression in Em, you don't have to play e natural minor the whole time. As long as you use a scale that containes the 1. and 5. of the chord you're playing over, you can pretty much do what you want to .If you're in Em, you could for example switch to D harmonic minor when you're playing over a Apowerchord... that's just one example
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