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Interestingly Awesome Forum...

Sitting here at work, happened to find this website and wow.. It's quite helpful! I'm a fairly new vocalist.. I have been practicing singing for quite a while now though and am actually working with a band. Personally I feel I have something worth working with as far as my voice goes so I am here looking to get some feedback, questions answered, and a little guidance.

As other vocalists, I'm looking to not hurt myself while doing the growling/screaming. Luckily for me it seems I only get a slight ache in my throat after doing the vocals for an extremely long time. As per all the advice here on that topic, I do stop when it hurts and take a short term of vocal rest until it feels better.

I warm up before I start, I warm 'down' after I am finished.. I am working hard to improve upon what I already have. The main problems I "think" I am having revolves around proper air flow and diaphragm technique. I have gone over this stuff a thousand times but it doesn't seem to be sticking with me for some reason! -Sigh-

Now I have been posting my progress from day one up until now on a youtube channel. It's:

And any constructive comments are very much so appreciated. I feel like I have come quite a long way from the first video I posted.. So try not to be too needlessly harsh

What I am looking to learn is the deep "wind tunnel" type sound you hear with bands such as Straight Line Stitch. I -really- enjoy her sound,.. Actually I just really love hearing the airy style growls/screams. Something about them is just awesome to me! Anyway.. The song I am talking about mainly with that band is here:

The airy sound I am looking for is at around 1:05 when she starts saying "with blood on your hands you are unclean". I also would like any tips on getting her higher/scratchy sounding screams in the video Remission:

Another example of the deep airy sound would be here on their video Remission too near the very end at about 4:18 on to the end of the song. I just LOVE the fact that it sounds like a damn tornado coming out of her mouth lol. I would really like to hear some techniques and ideas on how to create and sustain such an amazing sound. Practice tips and ideas would be great too!

So yeah.. I know this is a long post but I guess I had a lot to say/ask. Again, any constructive advice, tips, comments would be MOST appreciated. I've put a lot of time into this.. Hard work doesn't scare me, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to learn these techniques. Just looking for a little helpful guidance.. Thanks guys.
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