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Originally Posted by HermanRi!
so why didnt you go ran? it costs less than $2600

Lets just say I'm getting a 70% shipping discount not to mention my guitar will be fully built in 3 or 4 months instead of the year/half I would have had to wait to get Ran to build me something similar, not to mention I wouldn't be able to see the progress of my Axe being built had I gone with Ran (which is very important in my opinion) The only reason Shamray rates 2nd to Ran Guitars is the simple fact that Shamray isn't as widely known as Ran Guitars.

Shamray really is a very professional Custom Shop that does extremely top notch quality (HAND CRAFTED) work, when it comes to the actual quality of each Shamray Guitar they have the same crafted top notch quality as any Ran Guitar out there, I can guarantee you that.
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