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Hi. This is my first post here. There seem to be a lot of helpful and knowledgable people here so I'd like to ask a question similar to the one that started this topic:

I have a melody and I would like to know what key it is in and which chords should be played against it. I'd like to add more to the song and use full chords (ie avoid power chords) according to the key/progression of this melody, so I'm trying to understand what makes this melody tick. These are the notes:

A D D D A# D D D G C C C F A# D# G#

For simplicity, I summarized the notation... but each note is a 16th and the pattern written represents the pattern that is repeated four times in the bar.

I'm just beginning to learn about music theory, so I'd also like to know which modes are used in this melody. Based on some reading I've done on the internet, it seems that this melody could be a i | VI | iv | VI ?? progression in Dm (with a mixolydian mode over every chord except the first VI.) But, that doesn't make much sense (or sound good) because the last chord (maybe a G#?) doesn't fit the key and mixolydian doesn't sound good over the minor chords.

The progression seems to also fit an A Phrygian modal harmony (i | bII | bIII | bII ??) but the last chord still doesn't belong there and the repeating D in the first bar doesn't sound so great with an Am. I like the melody, so I'd rather find a key/chords that fit it instead of changing the melody. Can anyone help me to understand this?
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