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Originally Posted by deeds
I have installed an EMG 81 pick-up in the bridge position on my B.C.Rich KKV.

I know that the EMG's are internally shielded. Would it be of any help to shield the pick-up cavity with copper foil and then solder it to the volume pot?

At high volumes on stage sometimes there is a lot of feedback, even with the noise supressor on, so I'm trying to avoid this feedback in any way.

Thanks a lot !

Shielding wont help feedback, only background noise from RF interference.

Your main problem is that the cheap kkv is made out of light and shitty wood that resounds and feeds back easily.

Now heres a list of things you can do to help it.
1. Put foam behind the pickups
2. turn down gain
3. turn down treble
4. turn down presence.
5. get further away from your amp
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