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Originally Posted by Paddy
The only one I've seen is the "Snare Punishment" .gp5 one (although it appears to be several songs in one file). Do you have any recorded tracks?

I enjoyed the whole Guitar Pro track. I especially liked the "Decimtation of the Impaled" section (it's closer to my kind of metal haha). I see you like using drum kit 16 in GP. The kick sounds great with that kit, I use it quite a bit too.

I loved the part which starts at bar 349, where the bass comes in. I'd like to hear a recorded version if you have one

Do you have a MySpace page or anything?

I have a myspace of a song I recorded during my senior year. It's pretty much my favorite type of death metal, sloppy slam laden guttural madness. My vocals weren't as good back then, but feel free to check it out.

My newer writings have yielded much more groovy and sludgy material. I just recently got back into the slam type of death metal. I used to be all about technical compositions and shit, but now I find the only thing of that sort I listen to anymore is Death.
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