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Well, Jazz-basses are reknown for their slight 'growling' tone. Bands like Interpol use this bass, and it's characteristic sound is really heard there.
But they're barely used in metal, and if you watch Sepultura's live DVD you should understand why.

Precision basses, well, they have the bass-tone you probably think of when you hear the word "bass". Nowadays a lot of players seem to evade them cause, well, almost any record up to say 2000* features a Precision-bass. Their tone is very "meat and potatoes", so some might find their sound unspectacular.

Well, the 2nd-hand thing... Is there a guitar-store in your neighbourhood? If yes, just go there, test some $700-$1000 basses. If you find a 700 one that is reeaaal good, you can buy that one there.

If you find a $1000, then note down the name and search it online on second-hand sites.

Also, while you're there, try as many pickup-configurations as possible (also then you'll hear the difference between P- and J-basses first hand).

*Going out on a limb here but you get it.
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