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It is so easy especially for extreme metal drummers to fuck up your wrists from not learning a good warm-up routine. If your wrists are just chilling, then all of a sudden you start blasting at 230BPM they are going to strain. Just like with weight lifting, you want to warm up with something comfortable to get more blood pumping to your muscles. Start slow and play some 8th notes, try to play along to a metronome. Start your practice sessions blasting at a completely comfortable speed. I would recommend doing this for at least 10 minutes, 25 at a most. When you start playing the faster stuff it will feel so much easier and better! I used to have problems with a sharp pain in my right wrist from playing the ride and hihats but problem is solved with a simple warm up.

This is a good one to try out
It's boring as fuck just playing this on your hands but there's a bunch of ways to incorporate something like this into a fun routine. Have at it and let me know if you have any luck!

@D&Q- There is no right or wrong when it comes to playing with your wrists or fingers, it's all preference. There's definitely way more power when you use your wrists, but I have seen drummers get some exceptional power with their fingers. If you play with your wrists, you're obviously not going to keep them relaxed while playing though. Using your upper arms is usually the result of trying to play something you're not yet capable of playing, so yes that is bad.

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