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Wrist injury from blasting

hey guys, so i spent most of yesterday building up my left hand speed for blasting and every now and then when id tighten up my wrist to get my fingers moving the stick a little easier id feel a slight pain starting to build up on the left side of my wrist.the pain was kinda sharp and it felt like my muscles or bones were gettin too tight and grinding against eachother.also about 4 years ago i broke my left wrist so idk if that has anything to do with this pain. anyways so i woke up this morning and my wirst is mad sore and it feels as if i sprained it hurts to move it fast or rapidly and the pain is coming from where it was hurting the following day, but way worse.the technqiue im using is the same one for my right hand which i had no problmes with getting speed and i had no pain. So im guessing im just putting to much strain on my fingers and wrist perhaps? any help or advice would be great.
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