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Originally Posted by PST 88
Well, not to belabor an obvious point, but the US electing anything other than a straight white male to the office of president is historical, if only in the same way that the biggest opening gross of a January 7th weekend is technically historical. Whether or not Obama will live up to the rest is yet to be seen. Honestly he's been more leftist on the whole stimulus budget than I expected; I expected he'd be fairly centrist until he got a second term, since he's smart enough to see that our last Democrat president tried to lean left his first few years and lost Congress as a result.

But I stand by my points: It's nothing new that the power structure in the US remains unchanged regardless of who wins our election; it's nothing new that Obama has no substantive track record, or really anything other than some superb rhetoric, to stand on; and it's too soon to really judge if he'll live up to his hype. This is just more hype; negative hype, sure, but it's not substantive enough to make me sit up. But maybe I'm politically jaundiced.

Anyway, if it speaks to you, far be it from me to criticize it. Most filmmakers couldn't accomplish that under more favorable circumstances.
Apparently the film was rushed out for the purposes of political timing rather than offering a thorough debunking of Obama's image, so I'm left pissing in the wind somewhat with regards to the film's credibility haha. That said, I don't think the film spoke to me particularly, but I welcomed the break in the climate of seemingly unjustified and universal worship, and as rushed as the film appears to be, and as dubious as its conclusions are, I found it refreshing.

You acknowledged that the power structure essentially remains the same regardless of who's at the helm, but still want to adopt a "wait and see" approach for Obama's administration. Do you have any reason to expect anything other than what history appears to forecast? I'm sure I'll be forgiven if I wallow in my jadedness at this point!

Originally Posted by estringrev
Seems to be more of a vision issue, that or she intentionally commented on his post like that because of his perfectly fair rash generalization, which would make her a bit of bitch.
In Bia's defence, I had to read Pr0az's post 2 or 3 times myself (no offence, chief!) before I was confident that I understood him correctly
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