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There are cheaper ways to get their tones I've learned. I recently picked up a Marshall 8100 Valvestate. (yes Valvestate) All I can say is that this thing is fucking awesome. It is one of the best ss amp I've ever played and it can get all the classic metallica, thrash and death/black metal tones. Metallica basically compressed the shit out of their sound on MOP and AJFA so it shouldn't be too surprising that you can pull those tones from a good ss head. This amp is really versatile too, it can get really Marshally sounding and I have a Jcm800 original so I'm not just bullshitting. I picked it up for $150 and if you have money to burn check it out. I'm using it with V30s too so that also helps with tone and sounding like Metallica, Decapitated, Suffocation, and Death etc. Spend the fortune if you want for a good metal head but you can great pretty fucking badass tone from these as well as Crate Shockwave heads which are like $300
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