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Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
We won't know what kind of President he is until the day after his term is up. All the fanfare about him is just that. I hope he does a good job, but that's the hopes of lots of people.
These people that make their political statements for sensationalism drive me nuts. Even Abbie Hoffman mellowed with age.
Originally Posted by Amadeus
It's been said already a bunch of times - it is far to early to tell what will become of things. Who knows, maybe some of the promises they claim he has broken was simply a case of overenthusiasm? Once he got into office and was handed all the responsibility he realised it wasn't all that easy? Or maybe he is a puppet, and this guy wastes an important insight making showbiz.
Hopefully that's the case It's just that when anyone is raised up to this level so early on I get a little suspicious. And I don't think it's unreasonable to trust that suspicion, it seems like every president that comes along promises big change and delivers a nice big helping of status quo (or worse), save for a few minor issues which appear to superficially distinguish them from their predecessors. For instance, their stance on abortion, gay rights, immigration, etc. They're not minor issues to the people involved, but on the grand scheme of things they're barely relevant, yet this is where people tend to make their decisions on who to vote for - missing the fact that their major polices are more or less the same (foreign policy, anti-terrorism, etc.).
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