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Originally Posted by Paddy
As for the megaphone, he's also an activist, and I'm assuming he was using his megaphone in that clip in his capacity as an activist and not as a journalist. Although I'm not sure what difference that would make anyway; are we to assume that any information conveyed via megaphones is, by default, untrustworthy or dubious or unsourced?

Regardless of this film or Alex Jones' involvement, what's your opinion of Obama in terms of his allegiances/motivations/intentions?

It's been said already a bunch of times - it is far to early to tell what will become of things. Who knows, maybe some of the promises they claim he has broken was simply a case of overenthusiasm? Once he got into office and was handed all the responsibility he realised it wasn't all that easy? Or maybe he is a puppet, and this guy wastes an important insight making showbiz.
If I'm watching a documentary it's because I want facts in the matter, not the journalist calling himself brave american when he is in no kind of danger whatsoever. If he'd dress up as a waiter, do a bunch of sit-ups to lose the stomach and put a hidden camera in it's place, and actually presented some worthwhile inside fotage, then I'd be interested and perhaps even impressed.
But this film is just sensationalism and Obama is at least still worth the benefit of a doubt.
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