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Originally Posted by PST 88
Wait, you're saying that the party in power in American politics doesn't significantly affect the world's socioeconomic structure? Surely you must mean some other country, for we are The World's Greatest Democracy and Sole Remaining Superpower, and there's no way that we only select between two marginally different options both of which are more beholden to the existing power structures than to their actual constituents.

It's hard to take a documentary very seriously that claims that Obama's administration is business as usual less than 100 days into said administration. I'm not saying it's any more or less truthful for that, but considering how long it takes to research, shoot, edit, and post-produce a documentary, this is a little premature for it to be doing anything that you couldn't do with some curiosity and access to google.
A president's policies and appointee choices, and pre-presidential political career/affiliations, constitute a pretty reasonable overview (maybe more than that) of what you can expect, before any deep research is done. However, the messianic image Obama is enjoying is, to me, more open to the criticism you made about the film than the film is itself. He's black in a country where his fellows couldn't sit where they wanted on a bus 50 years ago, and he's a Democrat after 8 years of Conservatism widely considered some of the worst in America's history, and despite being in office for less than 100 days the world is already sucking his cock. His race and the fact that he's not Bush are basically all we have to go on with regards to how the general public perceive him - at least at this early juncture - yet every single [non-racist] media outlet used the same buzzwords to describe his inauguration - historical, new hope, change, revolutionary, etc. (I'm not ascribing these beliefs to you, PST 88!). This is a pretty vulnerable state for the public to be in; they're basically teasing the powers that be to see how far they can push them. "As long as it's an ethnic Democrat you can do what you like". The "Anyone But Bush" campaign highlights that problem perfectly. As long as he's marginally less tyrannical than Bush he'll be considered better by comparison (which opens the door to other concerns) and that's probably the worry which fuelled the making of this film and the writing of Tarpley's book.

I'm not jumping in with the film makers and saying there's a new world order on the way and that Obama is in the driving seat, but the concerns outlined above are worrying enough on their own - even all the way over here in N. Ireland - without the threat of a global fascist police state to go along with it. In that respect, I think the film is fairly interesting/worth while, if you take the conclusions it draws with a pinch of salt (that is, NWO scaremongering).
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