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Originally Posted by Amadeus
Well, it's a piece of crap. See, I have this basic demand that if I'm going to have a serious discussion with someone about, say, a new bill I want some kind of reference to where I can read the entire bill itself and not some crackpots' oppinion of it. And come on people, they spend about fifteen minutes showing an overweight guy making an ass out of himself spitting incoherently into a phone, taking meaningless pictures and then finally put the torpedo in the waterline of any remaining credibility as a journalist by filming himself shouting in a megaphone outside the meeting he was supposedly covering...
If someone mentions a bill you want to read you can just Google it, surely. Given that I don't think you made it past the 5 minute mark I'm assuming that the bill you are referring to is Executive Order 11110, attributed here to JFK. If you want to read this order, or read about it, here's the first result I got from Google:

Something I've come to learn about Alex Jones is that it takes some effort to see past his obnoxious persona and just try to concentrate on the info - info which is usually sandwiched between two hairy bollocks of nonsense - but if you're willing to put the work in there's definitely a fair amount of solid material you can extract from his masturbatory films haha.

As for the megaphone, he's also an activist, and I'm assuming he was using his megaphone in that clip in his capacity as an activist and not as a journalist. Although I'm not sure what difference that would make anyway; are we to assume that any information conveyed via megaphones is, by default, untrustworthy or dubious or unsourced?

Regardless of this film or Alex Jones' involvement, what's your opinion of Obama in terms of his allegiances/motivations/intentions?
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