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Practice. By doing so you will work up strength, dexterity, and endurance. There is no magic method that will instantly shoot up your picking speed and endurance. You may want to find some exercises that you can use to help work your way up to the desired result (and preferably with a metronome!). Its much like weight lifting - start off slow and accurately and work your way up. No one without the proper training and experience can plop down and lift 350lbs just like no one can strap up and tremolo at 250bpm.

Here are some pointers off the top of my head:

1.) One of the best things you can do is pay close attention to making sure that you are picking with your wrist and not your arm! Your arm should remain relatively still and relaxed while your wrist will be doing most of the movement. It will enable you to play faster and help reduce fatigue.

6.) Practicing exercises while using a metronome will help you keep time and accuracy.

39.) Stretching/massaging before and afterwords will help with the soreness and also help prevent problems in the future regarding joints, tendons, etc. Also, Warm-up, both literally and figuratively.

4.) When playing watch your body. You do not want to become stiff. The key is to remain relaxed and loose, as hard as that may be when playing some blazing tremolo riffs.

Some of those Suffo riffs can be pretty difficult. Keep up with a good practice routine and you'll get it man!
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