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aye, very true, and you struck and an utmostly beautiful point,

God is infinite,
and we are a part of Him:
1) His creation and creativity
2) His Spirit for he breathed into us life
3) We are His Love, and as He is Love, we are Him
4) We are His perfection through the covering of His blood, in that, through us being purified we are proof of His purity.
5) we are Him in Body, for as a Church we are the Bride, And the Bride is One with the Husband...

and all relating to those there are many other ways in which we are intertwined with God, which is why he made us, It gave Him something to Love, be Loved by, and to become more Complete through... it all boils down to the relationship between God and man, like gravity and falling, one exists only because the first does, but the second is how the mystery of the first is defined.
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