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Well. To be technical. The signal going through the loop isnt boosted when you increase the volume because well, lets be honest, the master volume is placed AFTER the loop, and we all know that the recto is a buffered loop to prevent that.

Usually you can set the amount of signal going through the loop, but i'm not sure with the recto. You have an option between -10 and +4. But the best part is the mxr 10 band is able to handle line level signals as well as instrument levels so even if the loop does suck, it doesnt matter.

Now for sliders. Depends on your tone. Best way to get a tight tone is to take the bass out of the preamp (by using a boost up front or something), and putting it back in post-eq. Basiaclly, too much bass up front will soften your attack. So you tighten your attack, and then add bass back in with the EQ after your signal is amplified and you'll have tight crushing palm mutes.

However, it will sound unnatural if you push the sliders past the 6dB point, so keep them under those.

Heres your real problem: the loop on a recto is parallel so the EQ isnt doing its job very well. The loop is letting some of your dry signal past the effect. But thats a VERY easy mod, you just have to remove 1 wire.
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