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Originally Posted by The Execrator
To my understanding, many vocalists look down on those who cup the mic. There is a video of Corpse Grinder on Youtube making fun of people who do. I'm know i'm not a vocalist, but i'd just work on getting yourself to not want to cup the mic. Unless you're in a metalcore band, i'm sure they all cup their mics... just like they cup penises when they enter their mouths.

well, I play guitar when I sing, so I can't cup it...but I did it at practice and it was cool. I did see the corpsegrinder video. but when we record our demo...I'mcupping the sounded cool, and I always get told off for having shit vocals anyways....

and I bet all the metaltabbers would call my band deathcore anyways...but oh least I'm in a band.
Originally Posted by Paddy
Man oh man I'm in the mood for some meat right about now, so much so that I don't even care how implicitly gay this sentence is.

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