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When you're playing a snare drum, you generally want to strike it in the center of the drum for a normal hit. For a ghost note, you're going to want to make it so it's a quieter note. Easy ways to do this is to hit the drum slightly off center, which produces less noise. You also want to just tap it lightly. You can see him doing this in the video. I taught myself how to play this shuffle probably about two years ago. It was pretty tough at first but as soon as I figured out what it was, it became very natural to do almost instantly.

EDIT: I had to delete my first description of the shuffle, it was confusing for even me to look at . My best advice would be to leave the bass drum out, just learn how to get that "1 2 3 1 2 3" feel on the hihat and the ghost note on the snare drum. When you get this down, start playing the beat, only without the ghost notes. Get these both down good, then try to combine.

More than likely, this is going to be confusing as fuck for your limbs to learn how to do, but it'll eventually just click and you'll be like "Ohhh! This is easy!".

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